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Hi, I'm Dusan,


a product experience designer and mentor. Throughout my diverse career, I have built and lead teams and businesses that used design thinking, jobs-to-be-done, human-centered design, lean, and agile to deliver digital products that delighted customers and made a real difference in their lives.


I have worked with impactful organizations. 


I have had a privilege to work with a number of Fortune 100 clients, helping them through their digital transformation by creating products and experiences that had significant impact on their customers as well as their business.


Life is complicated. I try to make it a bit simpler. 


I am passionate about understanding human behavior. What motivates people to make the decisions they make. The exact combination of emotion and logic that drives action. I love designing products that make every day tasks, big and small, easier and more delightful.


Thank you for your time. 


Want to get in touch? I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


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